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Local E-Commerce Startup Supports Charitable Giving

A new for-profit startup company has opened its virtual doors in the Third Ward.  

The website is called Okanjo -- Japanese for "checkout" or "check please" -- and its founder describes the as the middle ground between Craigslist and Ebay.

Local buyers and sellers connect as they would on Craigslist, but use the transaction platform on Okanjo to handle the money.  That means sellers can accept credit card payments, and buyers don't have to worry about bringing a stack of cash to a sale.

What makes the site different from other e-commerce platforms, however, is its focus on giving back.  

Sellers can designate any percentage of their proceeds -- from 0 to 100 percent -- to go to a charity of their choice.  And buyers can browse by sellers who support a cause that is important to them.

Click the podcast player below to hear from Co-founder Jeff Rowe and Director of Business Development Molly Cary.  They explain the concept behind the Milwaukee-based startup.