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Little Free Libraries encourage sharing, reading and community

We encourage others to do them because it's really great to bring the neighborhood together.

         -Pat Wybzinski  on Little Free Libraries


Little Free Libraries. If you live in Southeastern Wisconsin, you have probably seen these popping up in a neighborhood near you during the last year.


It's a movement that started a rural town in Wisconsin over a year ago, and it's caught on in 12 different states and over 5 countries. Leave a book, take a book. No due dates, no library cards necessary


in 2012, Pat Wybzinski and Scott Gelzer decided to install 29 Little Libraries inspired by what would have been their son Brandon's 29th Birthday. "He would have loved to have build them," Wybzinski says. "Each one is different and everyone is painted by a different artist."


They've enlisted a great group of volunteers to help with this labor of love. Milwaukee Artist Resource Network(MARN) and Dan Kirchen built and found most of the artists and Mike Brenner helped with the installations. This particular Little Free Library was painted by dwellephant and installed at the Bay View Community Center


Everything you need to how about how you can build and register a Free Little Library of your own is here: