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Sound Travels Monday...

Just a quickie today for the ST blog, it's Monday, so yeah... 'Somehow', that's how I describe Monday in my world as I'm usually not-so-fresh from a weekend of grinding as hard as I do during the week. So today I threw a few out at our regular spots, started some hours with South African jazz giant Hugh Masekela. Boy's doin' it...



At eleven, I had a older tune from Balkan Beat Box; their newer material has failed to leave much of an impression, leaving me to wonder why they don't make cuts like this... Plus this video kills...



Speaking of not making cuts, it's a shame we're sorta beyond the age where cats like Serge Gainsbourg can come to be. Maybe I'm wrong, but check out "Requiem Pour Un Con" and tell me he's not the coolest. 



Last, and certainly not the least is a real surprise for Marcus in 2013, the Seu Jorge-like and Seu Jorge-sounding Seu Jorge protege Gabriel Moura. Really, if you liked Seu in The Life AquaticCidade de Deus or any of his fine samba-funk, you'll love Moura who to me is going to be awesome for years to come. His very excellent Karaoke Tupi 2 is out now on Som Livre.



And here's the teaser for his new album as well (in Portuguese)...



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