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Wale, K'Naan, Amadou and Miriam

This week on the Seven O'Clock Sample, we are exploring the music of artists performing at Summerfest.  Today we found a two for one, a artist who is performing on July 6th, sampled an artist who is playing tonight!

Back in 2009, rapper Wale and producer 9th Wonder teamed up for a mixtape featuring original production, new songs from Wale and a guest feature on every track.  Hence the name BACK TO THE FEATURE.  This mixtape had a great track with K'Naan and Mark Ronson called "Um Ricka".



This song fits perfectly into this week's Summerfest theme, as Amadou and Miriam are performing on June 27th and K'Naan is playing July 6th.  Here is the original sample source for the vocal hook, "Ce N_'est Pas Bon ".



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