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Week 6 Update: MMSD and our "green roof"

As some of you may know by now, 88nine is moving from a basement studio to a two-story building in Walker's Point. And as you may guess, this two story building has a roof. A really big roof.

So we thought "How fun would it be to put a performance space on the roof to host live events?" Pretty fun, right? Then we thought "Oooooh, we can add green space to the other half of the roof to help conserve engery, water and make it look pretty nice for our guests."

The dream is becoming a reality with the help of a grant from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. This week, we spoke with Chris Schultz and Bill Graffin from MMSD to learn more about green roofs and the benefits for 88nine and our neighbors.  

Check out our blog at for the latest news and photos from our new home in Walker's Point.