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The future world of Atropolis

Adam ‘Atropolis’ Patridge was born and raised in Queens, New York, one of the most diverse places in America. By age 16 Adam was deep into sounds from Mali, Nigeria, the Balkans, the Caribbean, and South America and living in the meltingpot meant that all those musical communities were nearby. Years later, Patridge has created a fresh-to-death amalgamation of nueva cumbia, dubstep, moombahton, Afro-Colombian house, and kuduro, catching the ears of studied future world music professionals, Dutty Artz label heads Jace "DJ/Rupture" Clayton and Matt Shadetek. 

These words were originally used to frame Atropilis' self-titled debut album but are just as appropriate to describe his latest, the brand new Transitions. Transitions is as tropical an album as there could be, but the frame for his refence is still the vibrant melting pot of his native NYC. Once again, Partridge offers a tasty menudo of afro-latin sounds pulsing with the ultra-modern beats of styles like moombahton, house and electronic music. As you can hear, and see in this video, Atropolis also keeps it organic (that's him on the drums) in the song I played for you all at around 11am...

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee