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Inspired By The Bronze Fonz, Aimee Mann and Ted Leo Join Forces For An Album, Share Song Titled 'Milwaukee'

To be honest, I never saw this coming.  Not only one, but two artists were "inspired" the Bronze Fonz. Aimee Man and Ted Leo was so startled by the statue, the two decided they wanted to "immortalize" it. 

"Walking along Milwaukee's riverfront between sound check and show time last year, Aimee and I were startled by a very disconcerting bronze statue of Arthur Fonzerelli, a.k.a. 'The Fonz,' a.k.a. 'The Bronze Fonz,'" Leo tells Rolling Stone. "In that very moment, we knew we had to start a band to immortalize it (more than a bronze statue already immortalizes something), and the Both was born."

The two will released the collaborative album entilted The Both on April 15 on Aimee Mann's label SuperEgo Records.  They also shared a track appropriately titled "Milwaukee."  Take a listen below. From now on, everytime I see the Bronze Fonz, I will now think of Aimee Man and Ted Leo. (via Rolling Stone)



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