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5 Songs We Can't Stop Listening To

This week was another great week for music, and 88Nine is your home if you want to discover new music. Every week, our DJs have been listening to the newest/latest. We get albums from distributors, local musicians, and music blogs like this one. Each week we broadcast four new songs on  New Music Wednesday, but that's just not enough new music. These songs are great, and a lot of effort went into selecting them. We dug them, so we thought you might dig them.

Tacocat- Crimson Wave

The first time I listened to Crimson Wave by Taco Cat I thought it was some kick ass lo-fi garage rock gurl group surfing tune. On the second listen I realized it is a kick ass lo-fi garage rock gurl group surfing/ menstruation song. Crimson Wave is a hilariously clever double entendre that will really get your blood pumping.

Listen if you like- Ty Segall, Shannon and the Clams, anything from Burger Records



Vic Mensa- RUN! (feat. Thundercat)

It’s hard to let go. Especially with truly fantastic albums like Vic Mensa’s Innanetape. The mixtape from the Chicago based rapper has been out for more than four months and still we are passing it like candy from DJ to DJ. Mensa is part of the SAVEMONEY crew, along with one of our favorites, Chance the Rapper. Keep your eye on this young gun and the rest of the SAVEMONEY crew. They are game changers. Download the free mixtape here.

Listen if you like- Chance the Rapper, OFWGKTA



Mo- Don’t Wanna Dance

In less than a month, Denmark native and alt-pop artist Karen Marie Ørsted, better known for her stage name MØ (pronounced “moo” and meaning “maiden” or “virgin” in Danish), will release her debut full-length album, No Mythologies to Follow, through Chess Club/RCA Victor.  The Danish vocalist has been involved in other projects, including working with Avicii, but her highly-awaited record will be her most personal and biggest project yet.  You can pick up her record on March 10, but in the meantime, give her new single a listen, “Don’t Wanna Dance,” and check out her badass, girl-powered music video, released last month.



Misun- Travel With Me

Misun and their “Aquawave” sound! They combine a lot of different elements into one to make “Travel With Me,” as they do with all their songs. The trick within the madness is to remain cohesive, and the band pulls it off well. The blend seems natural and seamless, and the song is pretty darn catchy. Travel with them as they watch the world and everything in it go through its changes.



Bit Funk- Soul Satisfaction

This is your club song. Brooklyn based producer, DJ Bit Funk released his EP entitled Soul Satisfaction on December 10.  His groovy single with the same name as his EP, “Soul Satisfaction,” stays true to his name and the title as it features soulful vocals, funky piano riffs, and rolling drum beats in this electronic jam.  Give his catchy mix a listen, and satisfy your soul.