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Animals in Human Attire present "Ourmegadawn"

If you weren't tuning in this passed Thursday for 414 Music let me paint you a picture.

A studio the size of hmmm not enough room?  You take a drum set, banjo, bass, guitar, keyboard, six band members, a DJ host, two photographers, and an audio tech. It sounds like the start of a bad joke. Don't worry it's not. It was an evening of humor and talent.

414 Music welcomed Animals in Human Attire. If you haven’t heard of the, where have you been? I’m kidding of course. The band was new to me as well. AIHA starring, Charlie Celenza, Myles Coyne, Alex Klosterman, Jack Tell, Nathan Toth, (Shout out to the sixth member, Justin Miller, who was unavailable to perform).  Surely is a band that can’t be missed. With a hard rocking Modest Mouse feel (Kidding guys) AIHA can be described as uhhh, loud? To specific, an indie rock band that plays louder than usual. Or what Myles Coyne likes to describe AIHA as, a little box of pizza with a variety.  Really it’s what is needed on a rainy Thursday afternoon (or any afternoon).  

AIHA new album “Ourmegadawn” is the first proper album since their 2011 release of a titled outing. Next Friday is their official album release party at Linnemans Riverwest Inn. So I encourage you to like them on Facebook or better yet find your own dawn by attending the show and owning their “Ourmegadawn” album. 

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee