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Founder of Le Freak and the reason to dance, Asher Diamonds

A last minute schedule conflict left no one to play 414 Music but a hero came to the rescue.  Thanks to Asher Gray aka Asher Diamonds we had an afternoon of house tunes. Asher, a local Milwaukee musician, producer, DJ, and overall creator shared a few tracks including his most recent which is out now, “Don’t Hold me Back” featuring his own vocals!  If you haven’t heard of Asher, now this is your reason to look into the house music scene in Milwaukee, which I may add is incredible.

Just living an hour and a half away from the birthplace of house music, Chicago, Asher was influenced by the culture. Not only is Asher a resident DJ for events such as Twist at Bad Genie but he makes sure to play and carry on projects all over the city. Another feature project Le Freak, at the Hotel Foster, which brings you into a night of disco and house music. Oh, and did I forget to mention free Ian’s Pizza?? Now that’s a dance party!

Join the dance party by celebrating Twists two year anniversary tomorrow at Bad Genie or why not dance your feelings Saturday April 19th at the Miramar Theater in celebration for Video Villains 2 Year Anniversary party not just featuring the talented Asher but as well as Gigamesh, Klassik, Kane Place Record Club, Webster X, Slim Brit & Max Holiday. 


Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee