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Weekly Download | Electric Youth, "Runaway"

This week's free download comes from our neighbors to the north in Toronto.  You can download the synth-pop track "Runaway" from the Canadian duo Electric Youth. The duo released a track called "A Real Hero" featured in the film Drive a few years ago. 

In a click-bait driven music scene, it's rare to find an album that stands the test of time, but Toronto-based synth duo Electric Youth may have managed that rare feat with their spectral, stunning debut album Innerworld. "We wanted to make something that had the sense of being timeless," says Austin Garrick, the band's instrumentalist alongside vocalist Bronwyn Griffin. " Our ultimate goal is to make a record that will be the favourite album of people that aren't born yet."

You have 7 days to grab the Electric Youth track "Runaway" from their forthcoming album Innerworld

Download Electric Youth's "Runaway" (right click and save as)


Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee