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Solar power comes to Bay View... and beyond

Dozens of homes in the Bay View neighborhood are getting a clean energy upgrade this fall.

The homeowners are taking part in the City of Milwaukee's solar power program, Milwaukee Shines.

Founded in 2010, Milwaukee Shines guides homeowners thorough the process of upgrading to solar, providing education, low interest loans and possible price breaks when they upgrade along with their neighbors.

It relies on the "group buy" model, where groups of residents purchase their systems at the same time.  That built in efficiency allows the manufactures and installers to streamline the process, ultimately driving down the price.

In its pilot project last year, 17 homes in the Riverwest neighborhood invested in solar power.  This year 35 homeowners invested in solar upgrades in the Bay View area.

And the program continues to gain momentum.

Later this fall, installations are planned for homes in Washington Heights and the Layton Boulevard West neighborhoods, according to Program Manager Amy Heart.

Heart says the City is always looking for new neighborhood associations to work with.  Milwaukee Shines hosts free information sessions for those who may be interested in investing in solar energy.

For more information about the program, visit the official Milwaukee Shines website.  And to hear our interview with Heart, click the podcast player above.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee