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Weekly Download | Wax Tailor, "Sometimes (Phonovisions Symphonic Version)"

This week's free download comes from Wax Tailor's new album called Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra. 

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his career, Wax Tailor is releasing “Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra”, a double album / DVD recorded live over 2 nights at the gorgeous Sebastopol Theatre in Lille during his recent symphonic tour. Alongside a 35 piece orchestra and a 17 person choir, the artist embarked on an ambitious re-orchestration of 27 highlights from his 4 albums, and presented them in a completely different stage setting.

You have a week to grab the track "Sometimes (Phonovisions Symphonic Version)"

Of all the Wax Tailor tracks, “Sometimes” could be the one that lends itself best to an orchestral reinterpretation. Originally, the song is based around a theme, “Solveig’s Song” from Edvard Grieg which Wax Tailor replayed. “It's always interesting to give a new frame to a classical piece,”, says JC Le Saout, the man behind Wax Tailor, “a bit like Serge Gainsbourg did when he replayed Antonin Dvo?ák’s ‘Symphony N. 9’ on his song ‘Initiales BB’ to make it something completely different”.

Download Wax Tailor's "Sometimes (Phonovisions Symphonic Version)" (right click and save as)

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