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Fattyooshko Fat Bike Race | Freewheel! (a bike blog)

You don't need to know what Fattyooshko means, you just need a fat bike, a yen for some midwinter fun and time free this Saturday morning. Turns out, Fattyooshko is a bike race set up by the folks down at Ben's Cycle & Fitness on Lincoln Ave and is held down the road from their shop at Kosciusko (“Koz-shoo-sko”) Park down the way from the St. Josephat Basilica on the South Side. Though the snow seems to be in full-on fade-mode, they plan to hold the race on Saturday at 10:30AM and it sounds like fun mix of fat bikes, friends and of course, beer. 

Here are the details from the fb invite...

A fat tire race Jan. 24 hosted by Ben's Cycle and <a href="" target="_blank" link-data="{&quot;link&quot;:{&quot;attributes&quot;:[],&quot;linkText&quot;:&quot;Milwaukee Bicycle Company&quot;,&quot;target&quot;:&quot;NEW&quot;,&quot;url&quot;:&quot;;,&quot;_id&quot;:&quot;00000184-c387-d511-ada5-ffdf47a50000&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;ff658216-e70f-39d0-b660-bdfe57a5599a&quot;},&quot;_id&quot;:&quot;00000184-c387-d511-ada5-ffdf47a50001&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;809caec9-30e2-3666-8b71-b32ddbffc288&quot;}">Milwaukee Bicycle Company</a> at Kosciusko Park in Milwaukee.<br><br> Solo Fatty. 10:03 a.m. Entry $15 plus ONE beer (if you’re 21 or older). 48 minute race. Prizes for top four.&nbsp;<br><br> Relay Fatty. 11:23. Entry $30 plus ONE beer from each team member over 21. 86 minute race. Prizes for top four teams.<br><br> More:<br><br> - Relay teams are two to four people.<br><br> - Relay teams must change riders every lap.<br><br> - Relay teams can use as many or few bikes as they desire.<br><br> - If rider has started lap before race time is finished, rider will finish lap and lap will be counted.&nbsp;<br><br> - Start position for both races done by lottery.&nbsp;<br><br> - Lap changes may require feats of strength and/or wisdom, depending on the whim of the race hosts.&nbsp;<br><br> - Very cool swag drawing for anyone who did NOT win race prizes. Prizes include gift cards, clothing, six and twelve-packs of random beers. You MUST be present to win. Drawings at end of relay race in Ben’s Cycle parking lot.&nbsp;<br><br> - Registration at Ben’s Cycle. 1018 West Lincoln Avenue. Milwaukee<br><br>

If you  have any ideas, events or info about bikes, biking or bike community events you think could use an extra voice, email with the details...

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