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Rebels with a cause

There are a lot of reasons animals end up in a shelter. But what happens when those shelters become overcrowded? Rescue Gang is a non-profit right here in Milwaukee working hard to rehabilitate, provide medical care and find "forever homes" for those homeless, abandoned and neglected animals.


Rescue Gang works with shelters around the region to rehabilitate dogs that may have medical or behavioral problems, literally giving them a second chance at a happy life. It works because Rescue Gang is not a shelter, it's a foster home- based organization. This is especially helpful for shy/scared animals that would normally not do very well in a shelter environment.


Animals surrendered to Rescue Gang receive attention, exercise and love in their foster homes until they can be placed in "forever homes". While in those homes, animals get the medical attention and training they need until they find a family that's right for them. "Every animal that we bring into our rescue not only saves the animal that we rescue, but it frees up a space in a shelter that an animal would have put down," says Ryan Olson, one of the two founders of Rescue Gang. "We save two lives every time we rescue one."  (check out the pic above of Ryan's new that's dedication!)


Ryan says right now, the only thing holding them back from saving more dogs (and cats) is the need for more foster homes. Find an application to become a foster home here. All foster homes that take in dogs are provided with everything they need to house the animals for a few weeks up to a few months. As all non-profits, Rescue Gang runs on donations. For a list of needed items, including dog collars, beds, food, toys and more, click here.


Listen to the story above to hear more about how Sally met Lou, and how their lives have changed forever. 



Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee