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Find the 'sweet spot' at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music

Have you ever passed this building and wondered, "what the heck goes on in there?"

We have the answer this week on Urban Spelunking, as Managing Editor Bobby Tanzilo takes us inside the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music

Chicago architect H.R. Wilson designed the Neo-Classical Revival mansion, which sits at 1584 N. Prospect Ave. It was erected in 1904 as the home to Charles McIntosh, a wealthy industrialist.

Today, the mansion has been converted to a music education complex, using almost every room in the building for the Conservatory's programs, serving both adults and children.  Music fills the air everywhere you walk, and if you happen to stumble upon one specific "sweet spot" in the lobby, you'll hear sounds from all the practice spaces converging to a point.

Click the podcast player to find out where to find that spot, and be sure to follow this link to read Tanzilo's piece in its entirety.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee