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The feeling of being alone with Estates

Full of emotion paired with heavy hitting lyrics and melodies, Milwaukee’s own Estates brings the energy on a new record It’s Great to Be Alone via Flannel Gurl Records.


Pulling their sound from many genres, the band categorizes itself as a blend of alternative, punk and emotional. I had a chance to ask the bassist/vocalist, Charles Markowiak, a few questions about the meaning behind the album.


A major theme is the struggle through various aspects of life.  These feelings of struggle are met with a motivation to find closure, resolution and moving past the struggle. Estates focuses on the feeling of being alone. Ironically, you would not think that with the title of the album. Markowiak mentioned that the “songs came together from places that us to breed, which create room for growth and change.”  He added that while creating the album, elements “felt both centered and far out of focus simultaneously.”

The lyric that stood out the most for me was in the song “ Scared to Tell You:”

“By the way I’m an easy target”

Everyone can feel like they are under attack at some point, whether verbally, emotionally, etc. An easy target, Markowiak explains, “gets hit on the mark nearly every single time, tirelessly gets worn down more and more with each blow but stands strong enough regardless.”

Estates released their passion and raw emotional visions throughout It’s Great to Be Alone. They view writing music as the best form of release. In most cases, these emotions aren’t always popular to express but Markowiak views“ is the only way to express emotions that can be rather confrontational.”

Writing and listening to music has always been a way to hold on to an emotion, revisit a period in time, or relive a moment that can never be brought back. Markowiak relates by saying that “holding on can be as simple as throwing headphones over your ears and playing music that can get life’s blood pumping again.”



Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee