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Reggie Bonds finds motivation within his truth

The truth can hurt, right? The truth is something we all want even if it’s not pretty. This is exactly the case with Reggie Bonds’ new single. He lays everything on the table and holds nothing back. Bonds paints a vivid picture with his new style of lyricism that relies heavily on horror inspired themes.


His new song “The Ugly Truth,” off his much-anticipated album Menace II Society out August 4, gives a small taste of what else is coming with his album. The new single, Bonds says, “opens up the new sound, mindset and direction through the album.” “The Ugly Truth” features guitarist Charles Forsberg as well as fellow Milwaukee native rapper and producer Mike Regal. Each element creates a smooth jazz instrumental that goes sour all too quickly once the truth comes out.  


Bonds’ lyricism describes his truth. 


            Mommy in the kitchen daddy drinking till he turning blue

            Crack fumes fills the house

            I thought I never make it out

            Bible in my hand summer salting thoughts prevailing now


“I like to tell my story, but I also like to give people motivation and acceptance through the things that I have been through and seen.” – Reggie Bonds



Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee