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Happy 75th Birthday, Ringo Starr!

George was the "youngest" Beatle and Ringo the oldest; he's got Lennon beat by a few months. The former Richard Starkey turns 75 today! While we all know he sang "Yellow Submarine," we've heard that one enough. Another memorable vocal turn for the drummer was on Sgt. Pepper's "With A Little Help From My Friends."



As happens sometimes, to even the best singers/songwriters, a better version emerged, just two years after the Beatles'. Fellow Englishman Joe Cocker came out with his game-changing version of the song. Dylan admitted Jimi Hendrix's version of "All Along the Watchtower" was superior and I'd have to say the same about Cocker's version of "Friends."


So what's your favorite version? Flaming Lips? Ringo? Cocker? Other?

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