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Patti Smith loves Aqua Teen Hunger Force -- and proved it with a song

I have something to admit. I'm an Adult Swim fanboy.

It’s the best programming on TV (sorry Walking Dead and True Detective fans). Shows like The Boondocks, Black Dynamite, Children's Hospital and reruns of anime cult classics like Cowboy Bebop have kept me entertained through many, many sleepless nights.

However, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a stroke of television genius.

If only Breaking Bad could have been this good, I would have kept watching. (Okay, fire away, BB fans!)  I always wanted to be a fly on the wall during the story planning meetings for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. But alas, all good things must come to an end. This past Sunday, Meatwad, Frylock, Master Shake, and the rest of the charming cast called it quits with the final episode. Just like how the show began, the finale went out with a bang.

The cherry on top during the finale was a special song, "Aqua Teen Dream," written and recorded by the one and only Patti Smith, who happens to be a huge fan of The Force. Smith collaborated with her son and daughter on the track.  

Take a listen to the song below and mourn with me. ( via Pitchfork)

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