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Director's Pick: Opening Night

The Milwaukee Film Festival runs Sept. 24 - Oct. 8. There are more than 300 films playing, so how do you choose which ones to see?

Well, every weekday during the festival, we are sitting down with Milwaukee Film's Artistic and Executive Director, Jonathan Jackson, and asking him what he is seeing.

That should make things a little easier for you. 



Jordan Lee: What is your pick for tonight, opening night of Milwaukee Film?

Jonathan Jackson: It’s a very big opening night for us. A film I think our audience’s will be hearing about for a long time, through Oscar season, the drama, Youth. It stars Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano and even Jane Fonda.

The film is a really exciting look at a spa that Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel go to visit. Michael Caine is a retired orchestra conductor and composer who, along with his lifelong friend, the film director, Harvey Keitel, they go to this gorgeous Swiss Alps retreat and they ruminate on their life.

Jordan Lee: And you said Jane Fonda is in it, too?

Jonathan Jackson: She has a great, smart role where her dialogue in this film -- she is clearly, like Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel, speaking not just about the character that they’re portraying in the film -- but really speaking to their whole life and the actions of their life and their art. So, it’s a really unique way to see Jane Fonda in the film, who has a scene-stealing turn.





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