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Wednesday's Director's Pick: the Milwaukee Music Video Show

For Director's Pick, Milwaukee Film Artistic and Executive Director Jonathan Jackson tells us what film he is seeing each day at the Milwuakee Film Festival. 





Jordan Lee: Jonathan, what is your pick today?

Jonathan Jackson: The Milwaukee Music Video Show. It’s a brand new program that we are doing at the festival, spotlighting and honoring the great film community we have alongside the great music community we have. In this program tonight you will see over 10 music videos all made by local film makers featuring predominantly local bands. You’ve got bands as diverse as Maritime, Lex Allen, GGOOLLDD, Sylvan Esso, Greatest Lakes, a ton of great bands, equally matched by the incredibly creative film making that it’s just really a joy to see it presented on the big screen. Nowadays we really only see music videos on Youtube channels, but to see it on the big screen at the Oriental, it’s gonna be really exciting night tonight at the  Milwaukee Film Festival. 


The Milwaukee Music Video Show (Tonight Oriental Theater at 6:30PM) 

This is just one of sixteen music videos playing at The Milwaukee Music Video Show tonight. 







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