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On this date in 1963, the Rolling Stones recorded a song Lennon & McCartney wrote for them.

On this date in 1963, The Rolling Stones were in a studio in London when John Lennon & Paul McCartney stopped by. Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham mentioned that the band was looking for new material to record and Lennon & McCartney had a half-finished song they completed on the spot, the band quickly learned it and recorded it that day. The Beatles would record it themselves but as for Lennon,  he said it wasn't his best work:

"It was a throwaway. The only two versions of the song were Ringo and the Rolling Stones. That shows how much importance we put on it: We weren't going to give them anything great, right?"

Imagine if Blur wrote a song for Oasis or R.E.M wrote one for U2. While not the greatest song in the Lennon/McCartney canon, it's a fun lark in Stones/Beatles history/rivalry.

And the Beatles version:

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