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Wednesday's Director's Pick: one person's trash is another's instrument

For Director's Pick, Milwaukee Film Artistic and Executive Director Jonathan Jackson tells us what film he is seeing each day at the Milwaukee Film Festival.

Jordan Lee: Milwaukee film festival is running now through October 8th. I’m Jordan Lee in studio with Milwaukee film and artistic executive director Johnathan Jackson. It's Wednesday, October 7th, we only have two night left to go, Jonathan. What's your pick for this evening?

Jonathan Jackson: One of the most inspirational and uplifting films at the festival this year - Landfill Harmonic. You actually may have heard of this group before, they are the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura. They are Paraguyan. They are a group that have made their instruments entirely out of garbage. It's an incredibly transformational story of how this group garnered worldwide acclaim, but also uplifted their community after a natural disaster.

Landfill Harmonic (Tonight at 4:15 at the Avalon Theater)


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