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This Saturday: 88Nine's Halloween Party with Doomtree, Lizzo, Rusty P's & LMNtlyst

Are you getting ready for the the BIGGEST Halloween party in Milwaukee? 

This Saturday, Oct. 31 at the Turner Hall Ballroom Minneapolis' Doomtree collective will headline the city's best Halloween party.  Lizzo and Milwaukee's LMNOP's will also join in the festivities.

Make sure you check out our latest 88 Seconds with Lizzo and listen to the 414 Music Live session with The Rusty P's & LMNtlyst.

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Photo by Kelly Loverud 

DOOMTREE (Minneapolis)

Doomtree started as a mess of friends, fooling around after school, trying to make music without reading the manual. The group had varied tastes—rap, punk, indie rock, pop—so the music they made together often bore the toolmarks of several styles. When they had enough songs, they booked some shows. They made friends with the dudes at Kinkos to print up flyers. They burned some CDs to sell. The shows got bigger. Of necessity, Doomtree’s seven members (Cecil Otter, Dessa, Lazerbeak, Mike Mictlan, P.O.S, Paper Tiger, and Sims) figured out how to run a small business.

Lizzo by Annette Navarro


Rapper and singer Lizzo has emerged as an exhilarating new talent in the Twin Cities, first as a member of the hip-hop trio The Chalice and now as a powerhouse solo act and co-founder of the spunky GRRRL PRTY. That she's appeared as a guest on nearly every major Minneapolis hip-hop release to come out this year (and several indie-rock ones, too) further cements her status as an artist you should know. An indefatigable and chameleonic performer, Lizzo injects attitude into everything she touches, but it's her raw talent that's made her the linchpin of a scene overflowing with talented MCs.
--Andrea Swensson,  The Current




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