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Singer Davey Harris joins the Milwaukee art collective VUCA on 'Glamour'

This week we've got the latest piece from the Milwaukee art collective VUCA and their upcoming concept album "The Geometry of Lies," which is shaping up to bit quite a trip. The song "Glamour" introduces a villain to the album's elaborate mythology, a role gamely voiced by singer Davey Harris of The Tins. You can stream and read about the track below.

Photo credit: Nicolas Rider.
Cover art is Irina Lishanskaya.

Glamour is the fourth release off the concept album, The Geometry of Lies, by the Milwaukee-based art collective, VUCA.

For Davey Harris, this song marks his solo debut as a recording artist after playing, touring, and songwriting with The Tins for over a decade. In this song, he's taking on the perspective of a murderous sex addict, the antagonist in The Geometry of Lies.

Why would he (or anyone for that matter) decide to launch their solo career in this way? Davey is quick to credit his co-writer, Keller Fitzsimmons. "She made me do it."

The Geometry of Lies is an alternative reality concept album by the art collective, VUCA. The project includes an LP with a companion novel. Each song on the album forms a chapter in the book. Currently, an Instagram story via @ thevuca is underway, highlighting the gritty details behind the release of Glamour. The Instagram narrative is curated by VUCA collaborator and art director, Elena Velez, a well-known Milwaukee-based artist and fashion designer.