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Tigera’s ‘Love Bound’ will help you find your happy place

A singer in a colorful shirt squats on the ground while laughing as three guitarists stand behind him and play.
Dan Hansher

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You know that big stupid smile people get on their face after meeting someone who might be the one? If it was a sound, it would sound like Tigera’s new single, “Love Bound.”

After spending the last couple days staring out of windows at a damp and dreary world, this is a very welcome and very happy tune. Happy power chords. Happy finger-picking flourishes. Happy lyrics:

There’s a million-dollar check on your forehead
And I don’t even think that you know it
It’s me, honey, you’re so fine
Staring you down till your mine

Staying out long past curfew
Coming home smelling like your perfume
Lately I feel I’m falling in love bound, in love bound

I got Jimmy Eat World vibes listening to the song, which the band said is “essentially about the early stages of love and how much joy those little things can bring you. Something as simple as a smile could turn your whole day upside down and make you do things you might not normally do. You don't realize it at first, but once you do you can't help but chase after what you so desperately want.”

Four members of the band Tigera play on stage while looking out at a large crowd of people watching from a hillside.
Kelly Curran

You can listen to the new single right here and on 88Nine in advance of the Milwaukee quintet unleashing it upon the world this Saturday, Dec. 17 (presumably on their Bandcamp page, among other places).

They also have a show coming up at 8 p.m. Friday at Enlightened Brewing Company that’ll double as a premiere for the “Love Bound” music video. And if you’re into advanced planning, you can add their Feb. 10 concert at Shank Hall to your calendar.

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