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Listen to 414 Music Live with AUTOMatic

414 Music Live with AUTOMatic

Formed in 2007 by Milwaukee-based emcee APRIME (born Darius Windom) and producer Trellmatic, AUTOMatic is a collision of sound that incorporates hip-hop, jazz, soul, R&B, and funk. In 2010, JDL Rockwell joined the group as the DJ and recording engineer.

In April, the group released an APRIME solo EP project called AUTOMatic Presents 3099. The 3099 moniker allowed Windom the opportunity to expand outside of hip-hop stylings of APRIME to favor a larger emphasis on funk, electronic and R&B.

The group plans to release a second 3099 EP in 2016, as well as a follow up album to 2012's Art Imitates Life with the full band.

With nine years of collaborative music in their repertoire, Thursday's performance and interview with AUTOMatic was jam-packed with the best hip-hop and soul Milwaukee has to offer.

Want to learn more? Follow these three steps:

  1. Read this stellar interview with Windom on Urban Milwaukee Dial.
  2. Give 'em a listen below.
  3. Listen to their 414Music Live session and interview below: