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Caley Conway puts us in a dream at 414 Live

This week's 414 Live was a very special one as we had Caley Conway in Studio A, the studio in which we make radio happen, and squeezed in fans for a very intimate show.

Caley Conway came in for 414 Live post her EP release of "Surrounded Middle" and discussed her latest single " Your Wedding Song" as well as new projects coming down the pipeline. The latest single is inspired by her realization and thoughts on marriage while planning to play at her cousin's wedding and "those thoughts escaped over those chords and it became a song." Conway also has a few new projects in tow as she recently went to Nashville to record an EP with Jamie Mitchell, co-producing a more folk-based project. She also is working on a solo project in her home studio dissecting the Joni Mitchell song "The Last Time I Saw Richard" and created three versions of this track in different settings for a concept EP. Each project is treated as a learning experience and for her it is a way to "keep teaching myself how to record, produce, and arrange music."

We also discussed why she stays in Milwaukee and her many projects on the scene.

Not only did we get to watch Conway's daydream performance in a unique setting, we also were graced with a few holiday tunes.

You can stream the interview and performance below.

Listen to "414 Live with 'Caley Conway'" on Spreaker.