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Wire and Nail bring it home on 414 Live

Wire and Nail brings it home with their performance on 414 Live. We were able to discuss their fresh release of their sophomore EP, "Northwoods Rambler." The EP is based on a character inspired by a drink special at the Tin Widow called the Kentucky low life and "follows the idea of a person who's kind of a dirt bag but also does whatever he wants."

We talk about the band's origin story meeting at university, creating a band from a 3 a.m. hang and eventually becoming roommates. The group have put in a lot of work together recently as they start to take off and offer the advice to starting musicians in Milwaukee to network in a non-traditional sense and "go out to shows and just talk to people, just be friends, be a good hang."

Wire and Nail also reveal their secret fishing spot and how they got their name but you have to listen to get in the know.

You can stream the interview and performance below.