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Liza Jane brings her magic trick and music to 414 Live

This week on 414 Live we had the soulful voice of Liza Jane gracing our Radio Milwaukee studios after her debut release "Internet Girl No. 1" and the December single of "Unhappy Birthday." We dive deep into the inspiration behind the music, the collection of creatives and collaborators Liza Jane surrounds herself with, her work in film, love for baking and the new EP that's on its way.

We also talk about one of Liza's favorite song titles of her music which is "Magic Trick" because the song has nothing to do with magic tricks but they added this sound effect to the end of the song as a joke but ended up keeping it in. To hear Liza Jane do her best impression of this sound, you'll have to listen to the interview below.

She also offers the advice "if you're creating something that you love and you're creating something you are excited about, that's exactly where you should be starting and the rest will follow."

Watch the full set of Liza Jane, including a preview of some unreleased tracks on the upcoming EP.

You can stream the interview and live performance below.