Listen to Irish band áthas on 414Live!

Listen to Irish band áthas on 414Live!

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Milwaukee Irish band performed traditional and new Irish dance tunes

414 Live with áthas

Milwaukee Irish band áthas lights the dance floor on fire with a combination of traditional and newly composed Irish dance tunes. Fierce fiddle, driving bodhrán and funky guitar riffs come together to lift listeners’ feet, drinks and spirits.

The band found each other, and their voice as an ensemble, while playing in Irish sessions around Milwaukee throughout 2005. Spending their time between tunes laughing and joking inspired them to make music together under the name áthas, which is the Irish word for joy and happiness.

If you missed 414 Live this week, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day Eve (we don’t know if this is a thing, but we’re making it one) with this jovial bunch of musicians.

If you missed the session don’t worry, you can stream the fun of áthas below: