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Amanda Huff's 'Gravetalking' takes on the darker side of electronic music

Amanda Huff has been collaborating (like working with MSO's cellist Peter Thomas) and creating incredible music  for some time now. After her latest full length release, "Hemiptera," she released "Gravetalking," a hypnotic, sonic track that highlights her inspiring talent.
Electronic music isn't usually perceived as dark nor moody, but "Gravetalking" proves that wrong. Without being intrusive or obnoxious, the song shows the softer potential of the overtly in-your-face genre.

The darker track blurs contrasting genres in a refreshing and well balanced way backed with subdued synths, moody backings and Huff's transcendent voice. Despite the darker, gloomy tones, the song still manages to get you moving and swaying in an uplifting trance—manifesting the perfect pairing of energy in the track. Listen to the dreamy track below: