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Lazy Sundays are for Big Dill and the Boys

Since 2015, Big Dill and the Boys have been consistently bouncing around Wisconsin (and across the country) playing their rock-jam band music. Between weekly shows and traveling, the Milwaukee/Madison based quartet have recorded and released its first studio album, "Dead on the Run."
Big Dill and the Boys' "Dead on the Run" is a funky eight-track album that blends rock, jam and funk without delving into one genre too deeply. With their deep progressions, soft twang, and '60s/'70s influence, the group pulls the most distinguished elements from an array of genres to create a hybrid sound that integrates effortlessly.

The soft, lazy-Sunday feel gets groovy with heavy bass tones and reinvigorates without losing that laid back, chill kick-up-your-feet sound.

Listen to the album below.