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Shle Berry and Nile help us transition to spring through growth and positivity with 'Bloom'

Over the last few years, Milwaukee's growing and notable hip-hop scene has been bolstering with talented collaborations around the city. With communal spaces, growing collectives, cooperative events and much more, musicians and artists are linking up more often, creating, expanding and sharing their art. The latest comes from rising artists Shle Berry, Nile and Mike Regal with their latest single "Bloom," an affirming track about rising above insecurities and trials.

The single, paired with a stylized music video produced by Gonzales Visuals, is an effortless culmination of the trio's style and sounds.

"It was extremely organic," says Shle. "Nile came over to my house one night, and he showed me a hook idea. I loved it. I loved the flow and the idea of 'visions full of flowers.' It reminded me of my growth. It reminded me how far I came...

“I started rapping back when confidence was short...And my lack of confidence was a huge reason why I started writing. It was my peace. It helped me release a lot of emotional tension as a kid."

The cohesive result is a smooth electronic and hip-hop track that reflects on this transitional time with zeal and confidence almost as an uplifting reminder that spring will always come.

Listen to the track or watch the video below.


Shle Berry x Nile - Bloom (Official Music Video) from NiceFM on Vimeo.