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Soda Road returns with zeal and a fresh take on life in new EP, 'Arms/Station Wagon'

It's been a little over a year since Soda Road's debut album "Varsity of Winter." It was cold, icy and released in the dead of winter, but things seem to have thawed out a bit since then. The trio has returned with "Arms/Station Wagon," a three-track EP that takes a more audacious approach to life.

Recorded live last year in Steve Strupps' (guitar/vocals) basement, Soda Road expands on its sound and pulled in some additional forces. Featuring vocals by Elisabeth Gasparka and Sarah Luther of Warhola Cats, the new perspective on "Arms/Station Wagon" is filled with zealous attitude without boasting apathy, but is instead understanding and principled.

And with lines like, "Get mad about something/be more of the fighting kind/don't take no bull...," the Spring release is the perfect swift kick for shedding the winter blues. Listen to the EP below.