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Calliope debuts its cosmic evolution as Astral Hand with new single 'Universe Machine'

Change is inevitable and sometimes it's a great thing. Calliope has been shifting and evolving over the last seven years with numerous member line-up changes and three full length albums, but this past month the band members have officially transcended into their new form, Astral Hand. While the group has remained consistent over the past four years with Al Kraemer, Vic Buell, Anthony Smith and Dan Dahl, they decided to bid farewell (for now) to their former name and move on from the "psychedelic circus."

Rest assured, Astral Hand is still rooted in their crusading rock 'n' roll spirit. However, this new cosmic direction breathes rejuvenating life into the group and shifts the band's highway-leaning psyche sound to a more out-of-this-world energy with synth-driven melodies and, as Kraemer explains, "a more focused writing approach."

Plus, aside from the celestial resonance, the name Astral Hand is far easier to tackle than Calliope, which by the way is pronounced cah-LIE-oh-pee.

Listen to the debut track "Universe Machine" below from their upcoming album slated to release later this year. And be sure to catch Astral Hand's debut show with Shogun and Tarek Sabbar at Company Brewing on April 26, 2019.