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Sleepy Gaucho's debut record 'Another Time' is a Panamerican folk soundscape

After listening to their seven track debut record "Another Time", it's easy to see, or hear, that multi-instrumentalist Sleepy Gaucho blends and blurs the lines between folk, psychedelic and experiential music -- creating a new sound that flirts outside of any one genre-confining category.
While born in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee-based artist has had his fair share of travels. The first-generation American grew up for a period in his father's native Argentina and even spent some time  living in London, where he finished this record. Those experiences seem to have left their mark, allowing the musician to toy with different inspirations and a level of comfort and freedom in the studio.

The full debut is evident of his varied adventures and multi-layered sound. It's heavily rooted in a folk foundation with it's steel guitars and inviting harmonies, but pulls psyche influences through fun and nostalgic keyboards and an eclectic imprint. Listen to the release below.