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Kendra Amalie's debut is an ethereal dive into unrestricted psychedelic waters

Milwaukee-based musician Kendra Amalie has released her first single from her upcoming LP "Intuition," her first release with Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.

Recorded at her home studio in Saint Francis, the single is a fluid-moving track that pulls heavily from Amalie's psych-rock background while drawing on some new influences and sounds.

Photo by Sue Beauchamp

The Moss Folk member and Milwaukee Psyche Fest veteran is no stranger to experimental compositions. With her experience in Moss Folk , Names Divine, 11:11 and an impressive list of collaborations, Amalie has an ample and diverse prowess for progressive and synergetic arrangements. Using her eclectic background, multi-faceted talents and shifted focus, this new project marks a turn toward a slightly more synth-heavy, ethereal anecdote.

"I approach music to get inside of a feeling and take it for a ride," she explains. "Much of my work continues to be exploratory and textural, but the album Intuition is also often driven by a rhythmic structure."

While "Breathe Underwater" is a shifting and malleable opener, the upcoming EP (set to release Sept. 9) is a methodical compilation of liberated, free-form interpretations and head-banging transmissions.

Listen to the single below.