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Milwaukee party-starters Rexxx make their official debut

This week's pick is a triple whammy -- it's the pick of the week *boom*, it's also a premiere *boom boom* and it's the official single debut *WOW TRIPLE BOOM* from Milwaukee's rock 'n' rollin', fun havin', party startin' boiz Rexxx. The new-but-not-so-new group has been setting the stage for this official debut for some time, playing fairly consistently throughout the last few months -- and I have been waiting months to write this so I am STOKED, Y'ALL.

The group -- Zach Otto ( Sex Scenes), Harrison Colby ( Sex Scenes, NO/NO), Sam Reitman ( Surgeons in Heat), Ryan Reeve ( Surgeons in Heat) and Jesse Buskov ( Saebra & Carlyle, King Eye & the Squirts) -- consists of some familiar faces (as you can see from my annoying amount of parenthesis) and have teamed up to bring the Good Land and the whole dang world the best time of your life.

If you've been lucky enough to grab a taste of the group live, you know they bring an in-your-face, body jumping, sweat-filled helluva time. Somehow, someway (well, with some help from Silver City Studios), they managed to grab that contagious energy, bottle it up, and send it right into all our ear receptacles.

The debut single, " Lost Cause," point blank SLAPS. It slaps ~real~ hard. Off the bat, the song grabs you with an energetic riff then builds into a more intricate ride that takes some wild turns and in-and-outs. Overall, the head-banging, riff-tastic bop is ace and will leaving you want to keep the party going. Take a listen below, keep your eyes out for the album, due early next month, and catch them at Bay View Bash on Sept. 21.