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Heavy Hand's latest deserves to be sponsored by Pert Plus

The fourth release from Milwaukee trio Heavy Hand is a fast, high-energy, aggressive kick to the gut that will knock all the dirt and grim right off ya.

The 10-track release is tagged with the usual suspects -- punk, rock, indie rock -- but also throws some refreshing curveballs: fluffy kitties and kindercore.

Heavy Hand | Photo by Mike Olen

Recorded at Howell Street Recordings with Shane Hochstetler and mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, the "Get Soft Get Clean" release is, as Heavy Hand says, a tight "love letter to Pert Plus" and should be listened to while "you be Pertin' your hair." The amp'd up dirty-yet-so fresh, so clean record is overall a fun, head-thrashing, and rejuvenating helluva time.