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Stream Field Report's sumptuous, jazz-scribbled new single "Breathe'

Last we heard from Field Report, they were touring behind their most accessible album yet, " Summertime Songs," a warm, immediate pop record that lived up to its title. Today the Milwaukee quartet released a new track that shows off another side of their sound, and plays off the group's background in jazz and improvisational music, a stunner called "Breathe."

The track is denser and more avant than the group's recent material, filled with drum overdubs and guitar squalls and unrestricted saxophones. And yet for all that business, it's every bit as radiant and welcoming as the salutations on "Summertime Songs." Chris Porterfield sings about beauty while creating it, while his bandmates push the track to ever-lusher extremes. There's no word on whether this is the first taste of a new album or just a blissful one-off, but a full record like this sure would be wonderful.

Stream "Breathe" below.