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Brat Sounds get personal on their first release in three years

Power pop punk rock 'fit Brat Sounds is back with a highly self-reflective and bear-it-all album.

The latest from the Milwaukee band is the first release in three years (four since their last full album release) and the time in between has allowed them to transition, grow and hone in on their strengths.

The group started unofficially six years ago. "Corbin, Kelly, and I had a band called Dinny Bulca that started around 2012," says lead singer Scott Cary. "Kelly and I met in film school at UWM and he knew Corbin and Max from growing up in Green Bay together. We changed the name of the band to Brat Sounds in 2015 when we added Max as a member and I started self-recording our music."

The minor gap between releases was due to a straightforward reason. "Long story short, we just put a lot more effort into this one," Scott explains.
"The last two albums before this were kind of me learning how to self record, and I still have a lot to learn, but this one I had more of an idea going into it how to make the recording process better. I moved into a house where I could set up the basement how I wanted and soundproofed one of the rooms. For about a year from like 2015-2016, we didn't have anywhere to practice or record so that was a big step. We didn't have to share this space with anyone so we could take as much time as we wanted with the recording process and so we did.

"We took extra time with the songwriting process as well," he continues. "First, I made demos of all the songs I had written and showed them to the band. From there we sort of edited and tightened them up into the songs you hear on the album. There are still some rough edges but I would say this is our most "polished" album so far. Hopefully it will keep sounding better as I learn more and more about recording."

That extra time and effort is evident in the latest record. With a tighter and more developed sound, the group brings their genuine and transparent songwriting to life with high energy and authenticity.

Listen to "Bad Luck" below: