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Songwriter Dan Kolesari shares a smooth new single, 'Nowhere Near'

For this week's premiere, we've got a smooth, Steely Dan-styled number from Brookfield songwriter Dan Kolesari, recorded with members of Burgundy Ties. Stream and read about "Nowhere Near" below.
Dan Kolesari - "Nowhere Near"

Artists' statement

I wrote and recorded “Nowhere Near” in late 2019. I handled the recording and production with additional help from my friends Pat Dermody (guitar) and Jacob Miller (percussion). Pat and Jake are in the awesome local band Burgundy Ties. I am releasing the song as a single on Friday, March 13, with plans to release three other songs this year. The song will be able to be streamed on all major streaming services.

For this song, I really tried to do something different musically. There is much more going on in this song than I normally have in a tune. I kept pushing myself to add more layers to the song with hopefully not taking anything away from it. Both Pat and Jake added a lot of depth to the song. This song is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and hoping you can find your way back. With music, I have a chance to do that.