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Music video premiere: Watch Amanda Huff's cinematic 'Division'

Radio Milwaukee is teaming up with artist Amanda Huff for a digital video premiere. Watch the hauntingly cinematic music video for her song "Division" below.

The music video aired on our late night TV show, The 414 Live Variety Show, Episode 2. The video beautifully captures vulnerability and navigating mental health through the backdrop of winter. Previously screened on a limited basis, the video is available to the public today.

Artist's Statement

Milwaukee-based musician Amanda Huff's second music video is officially released to the public on Friday, July 31. Titled "Division," the video was a collaboration between Huff and MKE filmmaker Martin Kaszubowski and features Huff torn between a decaying Wisconsin winter and an ethereal black void. The video was nominated for the 2019 music video of the year by 88.9 Radio Milwaukee and was featured at the 2019 Milwaukee Film Festival

"Division" was released as the second collaborative single between Huff and This Random Machine's William Gardiner, and features cello from MSO alum Peter Thomas. Appropriately named for both its lyrical narrative and compositional form, the song explores the defensive mechanisms those dealing with mental health often employ, in this case specifically, autopilot. Shifting between cold, robotic analogies and the organic eruption that follows breaking out of that rigidity, it is a song written with intent to validate both emotional spaces, and acknowledge the complicated darkness that fills the in-between.