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Kendel Bell channels '90s R&B at its most visceral on 'Speak On It'

For this week's premiere we've got the latest single from Milwaukee artist Kendel Bell, a slinky R&B/pop number with shades of '90s Usher and early Destiny's Child. Stream and read about "Speak on It" below.

Kendel Bell | Photo courtesy of the artist
Kendel Bell - "Speak On It"

Artist's statement

Since I was little, I’ve had this love and almost need to express myself through written word and poetry. And I’ve always felt music on a deep, emotional level. It’s gotten me through some of the worst and best times of my life. So combining the two was just a matter of when I figured out I had a skill for songwriting. Words and melodies will come to me in the shower, while driving, taking a walk, sometimes in the middle of a work day. The most random times. And I’ll have to sing it out or stop right there and take a note. I’ve always been hard on myself and felt everything I put out into the world had to be perfect as a reflection of me. I’m slowly realizing perfection isn’t the goal.

As long as I’m expressing myself, allowing for growth, and gaining confidence I’m reaching my goal. It’s a bonus to be able to share my music, and if at least one person enjoys it and relates, I’m happy.

About the song:

I actually wrote this song last year in May. I was thinking back on experiences of missed love connections because neither party had the guts to speak up until the opportunity had passed. And It was something I wanted to write about.I thought it would be kind of cool to hear the other side’s perspective on the track. So I reached out to Donte via Instagram. We had talked about making a song before. But I knew his voice would compliment this song. I sent a voice memo singing the lyrics and he wrote his verse based on them. Life got in the way, I got into a rut and went on a two year hiatus from recording. But this song was really stuck in my head, and I knew i had make it or it would haunt me. So I messaged Donte just a few weeks ago saying “we have to make this song.” As for Saint Parrish, I met him in 2018 when I first started making music. He’s the one who introduced me to the engineer and owner of the studio we recorded in. I’ve sat in on a couple of his sessions when i was getting comfortable with being in the studio, which has been really helpful.He came by the studio at the end of us recording "Speak on It" and did a freestyle and killed it. I’m happy with how the song turned out.