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Valerie Lighthart shares a 'driven and feminine' soundscape on 'Girl in Parts'

For this week's premiere, we've got another taste of Valerie Lighthart's upcoming EP "PT. 1: THE GODDESS" ahead of its release tomorrow. You can stream and read about it below, and read our interview with Lighthart about the EP here.

Valerie Lighthart | Photo credit: Alisha Hall
Valerie Lighthart - "Girl in Parts"

Artist's statement

On June 18th, "PT I: THE GODDESS," the first EP in the "By Moonlight" trilogy, will be introduced to the world. The soundscape is driven and feminine, balancing orchestral elements with pop vocals and electronic drums.

The subject matter unpacks a difficult relationship with self-worth and fantasy while exalting reclamation of over-the-top expression and theatricality. An unpacking of modern femininity told through the lens of the goddess characterization and folkloric references, this body of work is distinctive and layered.