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R.I.P. Trolley singer and guitarist Mike Perotto

Friends and peers in the Milwaukee music scene are remembering Trolley guitarist and singer Mike Perotto, who passed away earlier this week. "We lost Michael J Perotto, our friend, band mate and our sonic architect yesterday," the band posted on Facebook yesterday. "We loved him and life will never be the same. Keep your friends close."

In addition to playing with Trolley, Perotto also recorded his own side projects and frequently collaborated with other Milwaukee musicians.

Although Trolley formed in the '90s, the group's sound drew heavily from the '60s and '70s, nodding to the sweeter, more harmonic side of power-pop, mod rock and psych-pop, a timeless sound that's made them one of Milwaukee's most enduring rock bands. Perotto's tuneful playing was a defining part of that sound.

Here he is singing lead on the band's cover of The Knack's "Wait and See."

The band's most recent single, the searing "Two Tickets to the Moon," came out last year.

Michael Perotto |

You can stream the band's most recent album, 2014's "Things That Shine and Glow," below.