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NilexNile drops a blissed-out summer banger, 'Nonchalant'

NileXNile has been one of the great sonic adventurers of Milwaukee's hip-hop scene for the past few years, dabbling in a little bit of everything as he's bounced been projects (both solo and with his collective Phat Nerdz). This spring, he offered a crunked-up No Limit homage on his track " Flex Up" with Chicago rap star Supa Bwe, but for his new track "Nonchalant" he's returned to more classicist hip-hop territory.

The first single from his upcoming project "Free Lunch," the Brokeboi-produced single coasts on a blissed-out, early Kendrick/Cali vibe. It's smooth, but it knocks, too

You can stream "Nonchalant" below.