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Dudes and Their Guys rap about love, with a smirk, on 'HD'

For this week's premiere, we've got a quirky number from the duo Dudes and Their Guys that splits the difference between Lin-Manuel Miranda and MC Paul Barman. Stream and read about "HD" below.

Guys and Their Dudes | Photo credit: Drew Running
Guys and Their Dudes - "HD"

Artists' statement

Our names are Kaden Rhodes and Drew Running and we met and became friends 15 years ago this fall.

We’ve been making music together for almost ten years and we began by recording covers of songs like “Band on the Run” and “Eat It.” Our third album is releasing on the 27th and it is entitled “Valentine’s Day.” It is a concept album that follows a college relationship from its happy start to its somber finishand is based on our real life experiences in trying to find young love.

The album is filled with dark undertones and themes that are masked by humorous instances. Each song on the album is a different moment in the relationship, whether it being the first date, or the break up.

This particular song, “HD” occurs during the happy stage of the relationship when things are going well and a lifetime together seems imminent, and the love appears in high definition as our metaphor states.

This album has been two years in the making, and while COVID slowed us down, we are very excited to share this new music with the world.